How can we help you innovate?

EvDis Innovative Solutions provides high level services for the logistics sector. We are specialized in innovation support, supporting companies in the sector to keep up with the increasing speed of new developments.

Innovation is not only a technical issue. To innovate successfully the social aspects of innovation are at least as important as the technical implementation of new developments. Employees must consider innovation as a challenge and not as a threat which is absolutely not self-evident.

EvDis Innovative solutions works closely together with the 1Ocean group; a group of independently operating experts in the field of social and technical innovation. We operate at a worldwide scale with offices in the Netherlands, Singapore and Switserland.

In an operational company with emphasis on day to day business it is difficult to create sufficient time and resources for innovation. Where the board focusses on business results, the team is often occupied by handling the daily routine.

Innovation requires focus, time and solid project management!

We can support your company with:

  • Inventorying developments in the sector, especially developments bound to influence your business
  • Identifying new opportunities for your business
  • Setting up and calculate the business cases
  • Support the team, motivating the team to take part in developments
  • Organize brainstorm & motivation sessions with the team and management / board
  • Project management and control

Our approach:

To successfully start the innovation process, EvDis Innovative solutions can perform a quick scan on the innovation options within your specific operations. During the quick scan the innovative potential disruptive developments in your sector are identified and scaled for potential impact on your business and organization. The resulting report is the basis for 'next steps'.

Once the most promising developments are identified EvDis Innovative Solutions suggests a team to successfully develop and implement the new opportunities technically and socially in your organization. Of course you decide with what speed and with how much resources the opportunities will be implemented; constantly monitoring social effects and business case.

Interested? Please contact us at of give us a call: +31 6 129 65 670