Industrial hybrid energy storage

EvDis Innovative Solutions is sales representative for Kaaj Energy Inc..

Kaaj provides three proprietary technologies in a variety of configurations to reduce fossil fuel consumption, to reduce GHG emissions, to store and re-use electricity, to reduce capital and operating cost for many commercial and industrial applications in a reliable and economically viable way.

Kaaj's technologies are centred around a Thermal Energy Storage ("TES") device. The TES uses abundant, low-cost, high-density granular natural material as heat storage medium and heat transfer surface. As a result, we do not utilize conventional heat exchangers, significantly reducing the cost and environmental footprint of our solutions.

The power sub-systems are selected from off-the-shelf equipment to mitigate the hardware risk. Thanks to the mature technology of the power equipment, our solutions have a long lifespan of 20+ years.


Together with Kaaj Energy Inc., EvDis Innovative Solutions provides a full package of engineering services:

Diagnostic analysis
• Our first step towards understanding and developing opportunities for energy efficiency gains/storage projects for our clients.
• We review our client’s energy supply and usage and develop an energy map for their operations.
• We develop potential opportunities for cost savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions and present the results to our clients.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
• We develop designs and carry out techno-economic assessments to determine return on investment on various cost savings opportunities.
• These studies are customized in scope of work and depth of analysis according to the needs and wants of our clients.

Front-end engineering and design
• We carry out detailed process design, create P&IDs and SLDs, equipment lists, heat & material balances, budgetary capital and operating cost estimates and ROI calculations.

Business and financial modelling and analysis
• We develop business and financial models for the projects including ROI, simple payback, IRR and cash flow analysis.
• We prepare detailed proposals and bankable documents for our clients.

EPCM (with associates)
• We work closely with a number of our Associates, generally larger engineering firms, to carry out EPCM (detailed engineering, procurement and construction management) for our clients.

Commissioning and training programs for operators and maintenance crew
• We carry out complete cold and hot commissioning including developing and delivering comprehensive training programs for operations and maintenance personnel.

Ongoing plant maintenance and operations services
• We carry out ongoing training, maintenance and operation services for our clients to ensure trouble-free operation.